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 Whipping Lesson (ÑövöçäÏñë)

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Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-10-07

PostSubject: Whipping Lesson (ÑövöçäÏñë)   Thu 7 Oct 2010 - 21:39

Whipping Lesson has 3 formation in total. you must have a pair of eyes, a brain and a pair of hands †ö play whip.

1st : Whip Pure
2nd : Whip Stylist
3rd : Whip-Hybrid

1st : Whipping pure as per normal just do this few things, xx, cccc, z+a, jump x, jump c, run x, run c, z+x, z+c.

2nd : Whip Stylist ïš just †ö depend on how strong ïš †hë opponent.
Stance 1 : Low-Jump x run x z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance 2 : High-Jump c,x run x z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance 3 : jump x z+a run x z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance 4 : Run x xx xx z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance 5 : xx z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance 6 : standing at an edge of 1 finger spacing, z+a z+c.
Stance 7 : c, cc, cc, c ,ccc ,ccc, High-Jump(facing †hë opponent face) x cccc.
Stance 8 : z+a run x z+c run front run back c.
Stance 9 : z+x xx z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance10 : z+x c z+a z+c turn opposite x z+a z+c turn opposite xx z+c.
Stance L : c side step c side step c side step(edge) z+a z+c.

3rd : Whip-Hybrid ïš a very powerful skill that can even fool yourself due †ö fatigue, this skill must be able †ö on and off Whipping and Punching. †ö maintain this skill, you must be able †ö attempt all †hë stance above †ö †hë max and familiar feel of handling a whip.

Last but not least, whipping ïš a very good and perfect learning for everyone †ö know that whipping having FFs ïš actually just a skill combo within †hë stances, not FF-er or so called nub. when you FF, bear in mind your having an advantage and u can do any stance or combo after you FF. good luck.

Free Lesson on whipping please look for Çäröl -Fml :þ for more whipping lesson

Credit : ÑövöçäÏñë
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Posts : 1
Join date : 2010-11-30

PostSubject: Whipping Lesson (ÑövöçäÏñë)   Tue 30 Nov 2010 - 13:52

Nice guide . Keep it up ! Very Happy
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Whipping Lesson (ÑövöçäÏñë)
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